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San Diego Swordschool branded Gildan shirt with the image of animals representing Fiore's 4 tenants of sword fighting, and 7 angles of attack.


"This Master with these swords signifies the seven blows of the sword. And the four animals signify four virtues, that is prudence, celerity, fortitude, and audacity. And whoever wants to be good in this art should have part in these virtues."

- Fiore de'i Liberi


Head: Lynx, Prudence/Wisdom

No creature sees better than me, the Lynx.
And I always set things in order with compass and measure.


Left Hand: Tiger, Celerity/Speed

I, the tiger, am so swift to run and to wheel
That even the bolt from the sky cannot overtake me.


Right Hand: Lion, Audacity/Daring

None carries a more ardent heart than me, the lion,
And to all, I make an invitation to battle.


Feet: Elephant, Fortitude/Strength

I am the elephant and I carry a castle as cargo,
And I do not kneel nor lose my footing.

San Diego Swordschool Fiore's 4 animals and 7 strikes shirt

SKU: TS-03
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